Affordable Master’s Programs

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Affordable Master’s Programs – Earning an online master’s in special education is a great way for special education professionals to enhance their business with skills and experience. Online specialized education programs allow working professionals to earn advanced degrees by working and applying their knowledge and skills. Choosing an affordable online Masters in Special Education is an important decision that students should consider carefully. Many schools offer strong, accredited programs with certificates and certifications that provide graduates with high wages, marketability, and opportunities for career satisfaction.

Outstanding Program: M.Ed. in Primary Education and Special Education (ITL); M.Ed. Special Education: Intermediate to Difficult (ITL); M.Ed. Special Education: Curriculum (leads to initial teacher licensure)

Affordable Master’s Programs

Affordable Master's Programs

We wanted to create an affordable online master’s degree in special education. The schools on this list were selected from an initial search of graduate schools in the majors listed on College Navigator. We have narrowed down the list to schools that offer online master’s degrees in special education. The schools rank among the average graduation rates in the state as reported in College Navigator. Below is a list of the cheapest online masters in special education programs.

Colorado State University

Western Kentucky University offers an online master’s degree in special education, including moderate to severe disabilities and learning and behavioral disorders, in two program tracks. The program is designed to strengthen collaboration and partnerships through courses and experiences. Students may begin the program at the beginning of the fall, spring, or summer semester. The program is 37 credit hours and can be completed in two years.

The University of Alaska at Anchorage offers a Master of Education in Special Education that can be completed with 36 credit hours of coursework. Students may take coursework that includes autism and special education law. An exam is required to obtain this degree. This comprehensive program focuses on the application of theory, research, and methodology in special education.

The online master’s in special education from Florida International University is suitable for students who want to develop their special education career by working with individuals on the autism spectrum. The program teaches working with students and families. The program is offered entirely online and can be completed in just 12 months. Students can start in the fall or summer. Students who successfully complete the program receive autism support.

The University of Alaska Southeast offers an online master’s degree in special education with a focus on children and youth with disabilities and special needs communities in Alaska. The flexible online program is ideal for those who live or work in Alaska’s remote communities. This 33 credit hour program includes practical experience and a final research project before graduation.

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Indiana University offers an online master’s in special education that consists of 36 credit hours and 12 courses. Most students can complete the program in two years. The program follows a group format as students work collaboratively throughout the program. The program is hands-on and provides field-based experiences with a mentor to practice and demonstrate skills. Students may complete a major project or thesis in the final semester.

Kentucky State University offers an online master’s in special education with the intent of leading to certification in the field of educational and behavioral disorders. The program can be completed in 36-45 credit hours depending on the student’s previous academic experience. Students will receive after-hours support to succeed in this advanced program. The program includes 200 hours of field experience and all students complete an internship or student teaching experience.

Indiana State University offers an NCATE-accredited online master’s degree in special education. The 39 credit hour program can be completed in one year of full-time study. This program is suitable for both teachers and social service professionals. For students who do not have a teaching license but need a minimum intervention, ISU offers an additional 30 creative hours of coursework to meet this requirement.

Affordable Master's Programs

Minot State University offers an online Master’s in Special Education with five different concentration options so students can focus on their interests. Students may choose from Developmental Disabilities/Autism Spectrum Disorder (43-45 hours), Deaf or Hard of Hearing (50-52 credit hours), Special Learning Disabilities (38-42 hours), Childhood Special Education (45-43). ). credit hours) or Special Education Strategies (42-44 credit hours). Students are required to complete field experience or training to practice and demonstrate their skills. The curriculum of this program follows the guidelines set forth by the Council for the Care of Special Children.

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Western Governors University offers an online master’s program in special education that can be completed in two to two and a half years. Western Governors University is nationally accredited by the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) and is the first online university to receive NCATE accreditation. This program is for teachers with a bachelor’s degree in a field other than special education. The program can be completed by taking 31 credit hours of course work. Students must submit a coursework sample during the final semester of study to meet graduation requirements.

16. University of Louisiana at Monroe-Monroe, Louisiana Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Secondary and Special Education / Mod, G 6-12 Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Elementary and Special Education Easy / Mode, G. 1-5

The University of Louisiana at Monroe offers a variety of online master’s degrees in special education. Students interested in working with elementary school special education students can earn the MAT in elementary school and special education, and students interested in working with older children can earn the MAT in high school and special education. This program is available to undergraduate students in an area other than special education. Through this program, they can earn their Louisiana teacher certification. Courses are offered over eight weeks and most students can complete the program in 14-24 months.

Pittsburgh State University offers an online master’s degree with a thesis in special education for students who already have a valid teaching credential. High Tolerance/Special Education Minor includes K-6 and 6-12 based on student preference. Students can choose to complete a graduate program option or complete a graduate program option. The program is offered in a group format where students move through the program with coursework completed in a specific order.

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Northwestern State University offers a flexible online master’s in special education program for licensed teachers who wish to earn a Louisiana M.Ed. Degree and additional certification. The program offers different areas of focus: gifted education, early intervention, elementary (grades 1-5), middle/intermediate, and middle (grades 4-8) and secondary (grades 6-12 ) special education. Students complete 12 credit hours of major coursework and 21 credit hours in their concentration area.

13. Emporia State University-Emporia, Kansas. Genre or talent, mastery and creative focus in special education

Emporia State University offers two online special education programs that are 36 credit hours and meet requirements for grades K-6 and 6-12. The online master’s in special education focuses on flexible coursework tailored to students with mild to moderate disabilities to help them succeed in the classroom. Talent, talent, and a focus on creativity include coursework related to teaching gifted and talented students. All programs can be completed in two years.

Affordable Master's Programs

Texas A&M University at the College offers both M.Ed. and M.S. Online special education programs. Both programs are 36 credit hours and take approximately two years to complete. Texas A&M University has been ranked as a “Best Value” institution in the United States. despite. News and World Report. Teachers are experienced and nationally recognized in special education areas including autism, reading, behavioral support and research. Teaching involves new research and special education theory.

Affordable Universities For Ms In Usa

The online Masters in Special Education from the University of Houston-Victoria is a 30 credit hour program with flexibility for employers. Teaching involves techniques such as applied behavior analysis, research, and collaborative techniques. In the program, students learn the role and importance of special education law. Students are required to pass a common exam in the final semester. With the skills of evaluation, intervention and preparation, graduates are marketable in this field.

10. University of North Texas-Denton, Texas Master of Science in Psychology Gifted and Master’s in Special Education with Emphasis in Autism Intervention

The University of North Texas offers two online Master’s options in Special Education, gifted and talented or for students who want to work on the autism spectrum. The gifted and talented program allows students to earn a gifted and talented certificate while working toward a master’s degree. The program is 36 hours of credit and includes a major project. The courses are offered in three weeks, five weeks or eight weeks and can be completed in just one year. CAEP has adopted and developed Autism Intervention Focus.

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