Student Health Insurance Plans

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Student Health Insurance Plans – All international undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in continuous enrollment or 1 credit hour or more of residential education are automatically enrolled in the Student Insurance Plan (SHIP). If you have other coverage, such as an employer plan or an individual plan, request an exemption.

No reimbursements or discounts for medical services or prescriptions apply when enrolled students use CSU Network services.

Student Health Insurance Plans

Student Health Insurance Plans

Note: Flex will no longer be able to cover network access fees for part-time students beginning in Fall 2022.

Syracuse University Student Health Care Will Not Be Impacted By Provider Backing Out Of Obamacare Exchanges

International students are required to have insurance and enroll in the program after enrolling in the university.

University policy requires compulsory comparable insurance for all international students. International students are automatically enrolled in the program each semester, regardless of credit level enrolled at CSU (including master’s, bachelor’s, continuing enrollment).

International students wishing to withdraw from the program must demonstrate comparable coverage by completing the withdrawal process. Students exempted in the fall semester are automatically exempted in the spring semester.

Government-sponsored international students are required to submit a letter of financial assurance to the Office of International Programs (OIP) prior to their enrollment or withdrawal date at CSU. If the financial guarantee includes approved insurance, OIP will waive the student insurance requirement at CSU and no additional waiver is required through the network. For more information about this process, visit the International Student and Scholarship Services webpage:

College And International Student Health Insurance

As a graduate student, how do I know if I qualify for graduate school assistant insurance premiums?

The Graduate School only provides insurance premiums through the CSU Student Insurance Program (SHIP) to help cover the cost of insurance. Graduate School Insurance premiums are available to graduate assistants who meet ALL eligibility criteria each fall and/or spring semester. Read more about the criteria here.

Questions about the CSU Student Insurance Program (SHIP) should be directed to CSU Networks at 970-491-2457, option 1.

Student Health Insurance Plans

Students who need assistance must first enroll in the CSU network, as most services provided here do not have copayments, deductibles, or coinsurance. Students can visit the CSU Network and get referrals from network providers.

Student Health Plan Or Short Term Health Insurance?

If the student is able to receive services from a provider in Anthem’s PPO network, the benefit will be paid at a higher rate. Students are encouraged to use these providers whenever possible to minimize out-of-pocket costs.

To find a network provider, visit the Network Provider Directory, call Anthem Customer Service at 1-844-412-0752, or download the Sydney app from the Google or Apple Play Store.

People enrolled in the Student Insurance Program (SHIP) who want services from network providers usually do not need to fill out a claim form. Most agencies will continue to pay for your insurance. However, if you received payment from the provider’s office, you can file a claim within 90 days of the date of service (see claim form below).

2022/23 Plan: Visit to access the secure, password-protected system to check the status of submitted claims, view your benefits, find a network provider or request assistance.

Your Affordable Health Insurance For College Students

2023/24 Plan: Download the Sydney app from the Google or Apple Play Store, create an Anthem account, check the status of submitted claims, view benefits, find network providers, and download your annual Anthem ID for this program.

CSU believes that insurance coverage for student dependents, spouses, or domestic partners is more affordable through the open marketplace. The Colorado Insurance Exchange is a marketplace where Coloradans can buy insurance based on quality and price. Bursa also provides financial assistance to people with certain incomes to reduce initial costs.

Note: Due to the nature of the open enrollment cycle for insurance, this office experiences heavy phone traffic. Please email us at [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible.

Student Health Insurance Plans

Accessing Your Digital SHIP Insurance Card CSU offers a digital ID for students enrolled in SHIP. Your membership ID will be available on the program start date. You will receive an email from Anthem when your ID is ready to download. You can send by email or fax from your smartphone or computer. If you would like to request identification, please contact Member Services at 1-844-412-0752. You can learn more about using your SHIP insurance card here. For the 2022/23 program year and ID assistance, please contact AmeriBen at 1-855-258-2656. Questions about a recently submitted health claim or coverage change? Contact our insurance agent STUDENTCARE. Find out how to contact Studentcare HERE.

Student Health Insurance Enrollment Now Open

For more information on what is included in the program, come to the office (Middlesex College, Room 8) or visit Use your Pay Direct card to fill your prescription at most Canadian pharmacies.

International Students: For information about the University Health Insurance Program, please contact Diana Ostia([email protected]), UHIP Human Resources Coordinator: (519)-661-2111 Ext. 85536.

The Western Graduate Health Plan is open to Western postdoctoral students, international and domestic students, and alumni of any institution.

International students may not submit a claim to Desjardins for routine health care coverage abroad or at home. Desjardins will not refund this claim. Medical emergencies are only available outside of Canada and international students’ home country.

Health Insurance For International Students In Ireland: A Vital Necessity

If you are a full-time student automatically enrolled in and paying for a health plan and have a family member (spouse and/or child under 21 or 25) who wants to enroll, you must do the following.

FULL-TIME STUDENTS! Full-time students covered by another similar insurance plan (eg, parent, spouse, or employer). After you opt out, you will receive a fee refund in your tuition account. Please note that a contribution credit will appear on your tuition account in mid-October.

*Note: Please note that ONLY graduate students with equivalent health and dental coverage may be waived. UHIP and OHIP (or other state insurance policies) are not covered by “similar health plans.”

Student Health Insurance Plans

Your Student Care Group health and dental insurance number is Q1109 and the insurer is Desjardins (carrier #51). Your personal account number is your student card number. All claim forms are available here.

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The fastest way to file a claim is through the mobile app, but you can also contact Desjardins (the insurance provider) yourself.

* PLEASE NOTE: International students who are not permanent residents of Canada (including US students) cannot use their health insurance when traveling home.

If you want to see YOUR HISTORY with Desjardins, create a profile with the insurance company. After completing your registration, you can access the Desjardins website here. For example, you can ask your insurance company to submit additional uninsured expenses (because you exceeded your annual coverage period) to PSAC Local 610 Extended Health Plan of TA.

If you have filed a claim and have questions or concerns about your claim, please contact the Student Care Member Service Center at 1866 358-4435, Monday-Friday. from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Student & Ga Health Insurance

For the trip, the group number is 97180 and the insurance company is Blue Cross. Your personal account number is your student card number. If you are using one of your travel discounts, you must call CanAssistance (Canada, US: 1-866-601-2583 *toll-free*/ International: 0-204-775-2583 *collect*) directly to clarify this. For more information on how and when to make a claim, see the Travel Health Passport and cover details.

If you need an insurance confirmation letter from Studentcare, please submit your request HERE using the ‘Support Form’ on the Studentcare Help Center page.

***NOTE: It takes 5-10 business days for travel letters to be issued, so students are advised to submit their letter requests at least two weeks prior to travel. Students will receive their travel letter from Studentcare immediately after issuing it. The office does not issue insurance letters on behalf of health plan brokers or insurance companies.

Student Health Insurance Plans

To get the most out of your plan, take advantage of the Student Care Network to get discounts on your medical and dental costs from approved providers.

How To Purchase Insurance

Studentcare also offers a special Rexall savings card (10% off prescription drugs and 20% off regular prices).

If you are a Teaching Assistant (TA) and a member in good standing in PSAC 610, you can apply for an Extended Health Plan (EHP) that can be used to improve your overall health coverage. It is recommended that you apply for coverage first and then file a PSAC 610 claim.

Visit Desjardins and log in to confirm your maximum protection. In the “I want” section, click “View my transaction history”. Click “Details” next to the transaction history for which you want to print an invoice. Print this document and submit it to PSAC 610.


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