Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

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Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options – If your current NCD is 20%, our bike insurance plan rewards you for a safe ride with lifetime NCD coverage and warranty 2 year special with an additional 5% discount. You also have the option to cover any authorized vehicle of your motorcycle if you wish.

Be rewarded for a safe ride, the only insurance company to guarantee you 20% NCD for life if you are our customer.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

If your motorcycle is not safe to ride after an accident, we will cover the transportation costs anywhere in Singapore.

Motorcycle Insurance: What You Need To Know (2023)

Get coverage for an accident you’re involved in that results in death or injury to another person or property damage another person.

Choose the repair shop or workshop you choose during the claim. We leave the choice to you.

Get additional assistance for emergency relief in West Malaysia and Southern Thailand, emergency expenses and repatriation benefits from Singapore.

We will pay you and your passengers up to S$2,000 for hospital expenses in the event of an accident.

Edition) Cost Of Owning A Motorcycle In Singapore Over 10 Years

Our claims analyst will be in touch with you to help you every step of the way.

This page is for general information only. You can find detailed information and terms in the policy section of this plan.

The policy is protected under the Policyholder Protection Program which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Your coverage is automatic and requires no further action on your part. For more information on the types of benefits covered under the program and the limits of coverage, if applicable, please contact us or visit the website GIA/LIA or SDIC website ( or or A good motorcycle insurance covers you, your passengers and your beloved vehicle. All types of policies are based on your needs: insurance for additional passengers, damage to other parts you may have on your motorcycle, health insurance in accidents and more.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

OnPoint is affiliated with the companies we name in our article, but that doesn’t mean we don’t maintain an unbiased stance. As a result, all of our content is written by independent agents and editors who are committed to maintaining the truth in all of our content. Still in doubt? See our information about how we work and find out how we make money.

Motorcycle Insurance: Top 5 Brands To Consider In 2023

Still in doubt? See our information about how we work and find out how we make money.

Apart from having a license that qualifies you to be a driver, carrying motorcycle insurance is one of the important requirements. However, regular insurance may not be enough to cover all your needs as a motorcyclist. Fortunately, OnPoint offers several policies you can choose from to prepare for the unexpected:

Protect yourself from damage to your car in an accident as well as damage to other vehicles in the event of an accident beyond your control. Know the different policies related to partial loss, limited liability policies and full liability policies.

Designed to protect you and cover any medical expenses you may incur as a driver in an accident. Find out about add-ons that cover your passengers or other parts you hit on your motorcycle.

Tips To Lower Your Motorcycle Insurance

We offer a variety of insurance policies designed to protect your assets, your family and your business! While premium motorcycle insurance doesn’t offer competitive rates for most riders, young riders under the age of 30 can enjoy great savings. spend 20% cheaper. than the age group average. However, the income benefits are standardized and do not differ from the basic distribution. Unlike other motor vehicles in the market, there are no additional features, which can leave customers looking for more flexible and flexible options.

NTUC Income’s motorcycle insurance plan offers basic coverage at affordable rates, making it an unbeatable plan for many riders. We have also seen that the revenue rate is slightly higher for riders with sales discounts (NCDs) of 20%. So, riders looking to reward their safe driving with discounted rates may not have the best option. However, there is one group that could benefit the most from NTUC’s revenue strategy: riders in their 20s looking for cheaper prices in the market. This means that the estimated cost of the plan for this young generation is 12-15% cheaper on average, regardless of the engine power of their motorcycle.

A special income plan can only benefit riders who are looking for simple, hassle-free bike insurance plans. It offers S$500,000 third party damage, unlimited accidental damage and death and fire or theft insurance. and abuse. Apart from this, it only offers towing benefits and 24-hour help desk. Also, riders who are committed to a particular school may have limited earnings as they are only NTUC approved schools. they can use it. In summary, while the simple income package may be a good option for riders looking for a basic plan, it doesn’t offer enough advertising or competitive expenses to entice customers to look for it. a better price.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

Income also offers third party, fire and theft (TPFT) plans. Financially, the three tier income only (TPO) plan is the most competitive of the 3 plans. In fact, we found that its TPO plan can cost 20% less than the average third-party plan. In terms of insurance, the TPO Income plan offers only third party coverage for property damage and death/injury. Also, unlike other plans in the market, the TPO plan does not offer different benefits. This means that this plan may only be suitable for older cyclists who are looking for an alternative.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance — Rodondi & Associates Insurance Brokerage

The TPFT Income Plan is the least expensive of the three plans available, which makes it difficult to recommend it compared to other TPFT plans. While the plan is cheaper than average for riders in their 20s, it can cost 10 percent more than average for someone else. The benefits of this plan are market value coverage for loss or damage to your motorcycle due to fire or theft, unlimited third party coverage death or personal injury and third party liability for damages up to S$500,000. Apart from these benefits, there is nothing better than the emergency assistance provided by their Orange Force team. With a package of basic benefits sold at above-average prices, it is difficult to recommend the plan to someone who is not a young driver looking for a simple explanation – for example, cyclists who the little bike ride.

Earnings offers the standard excess you get on your contract plus an additional S$500 Young Driver Excess for riders aged 22 and under, or riders with less than 2 years of riding experience (if registered under the motorcycle company).

A general policy that does not cover income, does not cover the payment of claims resulting from negligence and criminal activity. Also, according to the motorcycle insurance policy, you are liable for 50% of the market value of your motorcycle (up to S$2,500) if it is stolen abroad. of Singapore. The income will not include riders who are not mentioned in the policy except in the case of the vehicle registration company. For more information, please find a list of common references below.

You have 24 hours after the incident to report any loss or damage. You can submit these claims at NTUC Income’s Motor Service Center (address below), where a member of staff will assist you with the process. You can also submit a claim to an NTUC income guarantee scheme for motorcycle repair.

What Kind Of Insurance Does A Motorcycle Need?

It is important that you compare as many policies as you can to ensure that you are getting the best car plan for your needs. While some plans may be suitable for some customers, they may not be suitable for others. Below, we break down the benefits of income. To see how it compares to other motor vehicles on the market, please read our guide to the best car insurance in Singapore.

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